Now NTRO, CBI, R&AW trying to cover up their casting couch, sex racket for R&AW jobs

Though goan sex worker R&AW employees slim goan obc bhandari slut sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, and goan gsb fraud 2012 diploma holder siddhi mandrekar are not doing any work online and are not investing any money online, they have got lucrative R&AW jobs because the NTRO, CBI, R&AW and security agency employees enjoying their SEX services are falsely claiming that the R&AW employee sex workers are online experts and domain investors owning the websites where their sex news is being published.
Now that the google, tata supplied goan sex workers are well settled in their R&AW job , these cunning goan sex workers and their fraud associates like pritesh, mandrekar, caro, nayak and others want to dupe the world that these goan PROSTITUTE RAW employees got the job on merit and actually own the domain names. Some of the people duped by the fraud nayak like atul kumar on quora are refusing to acknowledge the fact that the R&AW employed google, tata’s SEX workers only for their SEx services

Atul kumar on quora and others duped by nayak and other frauds have not checked the income tax returns of the google tata supplied goan SEX worker R&AW employees which clearly prove that india’s most pampered goan PROSTITUTE RAW employees sunaina , siddhi and others have never made any money online in their life and have never invested any money online in their life. Though NTRO employees are falsely claiming that the sex workers are domain investors, in reality domain investors worldwide claim that the goan sex workers got R&AW jobs for their sex services as they do not spend any money on domain names.

However since goan VVIP SEX worker R&AW employees are getting a government salary for faking domain ownership despite not spending any money online, and the domain investor is paying the domain expenses with great difficulty, she will continue to expose the sex racket, till the sex workers or others purchase almost all the domain names paying a fair price