Google,tata, ntro employees confirmed as india’s top PIMPS, BANKING FRAUDSTERS

In 2017, google,tata employees were confirmed as india’s top PIMPS, BANKING FRAUDSTERS, supplying goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi to the most powerful indian government employees and banking fraudsters falsely claiming that the goan sex workers, bribe giving cheater housewives and other frauds owned the bank account of the harmless google competitor, to get the frauds R&AW/cbi jobs with a monthly indian government salary

The google,tata employees are hypocrites who falsely claim to be very honest, patriotic, truthful role model citizens when they are actually shameless LIARS, FRAUDS, pimps supplying sex workers to government employees, who they falsely claim are online experts, domain investors owning this website

They greatly underestimated their victim, and did not think that she would question their banking fraud an indication of the mindset of these powerful arrogant frauds, who cannot be identified , yet have great powers