Indian government fraud victim has the right to justice

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Though the goa government may not like the news of goan prostitute R&AW employees being published, the engineer whose identity has been stolen by the google, tata sponsored goan prostitutes,frauds she has the right to justice, to equality as a citizen

So the engineer will continue to complain till her correspondence is not diverted and stolen by the sex workers, frauds, they do not stop criminally trespassing the house, falsely claiming to own her house, and harassing her, falsely claiming to own her domains, websites, bank, paypal account.

If she is not telling the truth, NTRO employees are free to defend themselves in an open debate , however the cheaters like puneet will never be able to defend on what basis he falsely claimed nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina and others who never answered JEE, were their btech 1993 ee classmates

NTRO falsely claims that offering sex service, bribes to its employees makes a woman an exporter, paypal account holder

In a clear indication that google, tata have converted ntro into the the national sex research organization, in 2018, NTRO led by j srinivasan , puneet, vijay, parmar falsely claims that offering sex service, bribes to its employees makes a woman an exporter, paypal account holder, she does not have to make a single paisa from exports or actually have a paypal account.,

The powerful liar cheater ntro employees will falsely claim that their favorite google, tata supplied goan prostitutes bhandari slim sunaina chodan, gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar offering sex services, indore document robber housewife veena . riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar and other raw/cbi employees who have not invested any money online and who have not opened a paypal account anytime, own the paypal, bank account of a private citizen, google competitor, to deny the real paypal account holder the income and opportunities she deserved.

This ntro financial, banking fraud, sex, bribery racket, can be easily proved checking bank, income tax records , yet the indian government refuses to end the fraud which started in 2010, and continues till date, forcing the real paypal account holder to expose the racket and fraud

Solving the Problem of Not Enough Maintenance Employees

I work for a fairly large apartment complex in the maintenance department. For some reason we have a lot of turnover with employees. They just don’t seem to work very hard as this is a rigorous job that demands a full day of work often with overtime. With the low number of the maintenance staff, we just can’t seem to get to everything that needs to be done. We have to prioritize service calls and often do not have time for the landscaping part of the job. Hiring a Nassau County tree pruning company would most certainly lighten the burden that we carry around every day.

I mentioned this to my immediate supervisor and he completely agreed with me.

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No equality for indian citizens who are victims of identity theft

India officially claims to be democracy where all citizens are equal, have the right to justice however the fact is that fraud companies in the IT sector, google, tata are openly and brazenly involved in identity theft of harmless hardworking engineerss from top colleges so that they supply sex workers, get bribes, jobs for relatives of top indian intelligence and security agency employees, control these powerful government employees who are bribed

The main aim of posting answers on quora is to get a reaction, mainly from the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies who cannot be held accountable by ordinary indian citizens in any way for their endless frauds and lies
It does not matter if it is a negative reaction, any reaction is a very great achievement for the google competitor impersonated by 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree

In december 2017, a person closely associated with R&AW posted a comment, confirming that the goan sex workers were hired mainly for honey trapping, sex
In may 2018, in another very great achievement for the google competitor, Krishna Srini, who appears to be closely associated with te indian intelligence agencies/google/tata posted the comment that there are many other identity theft victims in India , so she should quietly tolerate it.
However the other identity theft victims must have been compensated in some way for the identity theft so they are keeping quiet, while the google competitor has not been compensated in any way for the resume theft, atrocities committed on her.

Since her career and savings were the only important things in the life of the engineer, domain investor, she will never accept the fraud of the indian intelligence and security agencies so that all citizens, especially hardworking harmless engineers from top colleges are aware of how the indian government agencies are operating, the lack of accountability, corruption, nepotism and do not ruin their lives like her for making the mistake of trusting the systems in India

If the indian intelligence and security agencies wish to end the news being posted on quora which reflect poorly on the rights of citizens in India, they should immediately return the hard earned money of the engineer to her without asking any question