Solving the Problem of Not Enough Maintenance Employees

I work for a fairly large apartment complex in the maintenance department. For some reason we have a lot of turnover with employees. They just don’t seem to work very hard as this is a rigorous job that demands a full day of work often with overtime. With the low number of the maintenance staff, we just can’t seem to get to everything that needs to be done. We have to prioritize service calls and often do not have time for the landscaping part of the job. Hiring a Nassau County tree pruning company would most certainly lighten the burden that we carry around every day.

I mentioned this to my immediate supervisor and he completely agreed with me.

He asked me if I knew of any such companies that provide commercial landscaping. I told him that my brother works for a tree service company that does what we are looking for and proceeded to tell him what I knew about the company through what my brother has talked about to me. I know that they do the commercial landscaping as well as pruning, tree removal, stump removal, insect and disease management just to name a few.


Since I already knew a little bit about this company he wanted me to get in touch with them and explain the type of work to be done and schedule a time for all of us to sit down to iron out the details. This caught me a little off guard and filled me with a sense of pride at the same time. It feels good for your boss to have faith in you to head a new project like this. I was so excited and could hardly wait to call my brother and tell him the news. Maybe this is a good chance for me to move up through the ranks.