Open discrimination against the google competitor in website approval

As long as the google competitor kept quiet and allowed the fraud ntro employees to falsely claim that their girlfriends, relatives were writing content, the websites were approved by a particular network.

However after 8 years of being defamed, cheated, exploited by the google,tata, ntro employees, the google competitor is complaining loudly about the banking fraud she is subjected to, so now the powerful liar officials realize that they can no longer falsely claim that their relatives, girlfriends were writing content, owned the websites where disclaimers were posted.

So earlier, the websites of the google competitor were being approved without any problem, now at least one website was not approved falsely claiming that it had spun content, when it only contained hotel listings

This clearly shows the discrimination, when the google competitor will claim to do anything, it will be rejected, and if the google,tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, will falsely claim to do the same work, it will automatically be approved.