My Old Car is a Total Loss

I suppose in some ways I sort of came out ahead, although it is sort of hard to feel good about it in the totality. I have two cars and the one I was driving was on it’s last legs. It had started to smoke in a most unfortunate way. I assumed the heads were gone and was going to park it forever when I got home. It was not worth fixing. Of course aside from buying my car that other driver sent me to a chiropractor in San Jose and to a bunch of doctors. The other guy did not stick around to let me yell at him any way and no one has yet proven who it was. Of course I got a somewhat decent look at him and I am reasonably sure that he is the boyfriend of the girl who owned the car. The police showed me his picture, although how they figured it out I am not really sure. I told them that it sure looked a lot like the guy who was running away from the wreck. He had no license and he had an outstanding warrant, so they wanted to see him either way.

At any rate I did get a check for my car and it was not worth more than it would have been in a scrap yard. However I have missed two weeks of work and a lot of the money I make depends upon me making sales. So if I am not out there doing my thing, then I get a salary which does not really amount to all that much when you have the sort of debts that I have. I am going to be back on my feet in a few days it would seem however and I will get by.