In a population of 1.3 billion, only google competitor targetted for MEMORY ROBBERY by the indian government without a court order for 10 years

In one of the worst cases of human rights abuses in the world since nazi atrocities on jews and NEPOTISM, the indian government is allowing its ROBBER LIAR employees to ROB the memory of a harmless hardworking engineer,google competitor without a legally valid reason and have it copy pasted on the brain of their associates to get a monthly raw/cbi salary without doing any work, without investing any money at the expense of the engineer

The indian government ROBBERY of a harmless citizen started in 2010, and the ROBBER indian government refuses to get a court order to justify its ROBBERY of a harmless private citizen, why its ROBBER employees only want to ROB the memory of the engineer alone, why the ROBBER indian government is not ROBBING the memory, trade secrets of the other 1.3 billion citizens residing in India MAKING IT A CLEAR CASE OF DISCRIMINATION

The ROBBER indian government is then COPY PASTING the ROBBED MEMORY of the domain investor on the brains of the Relatives, friends and associates of government employees, and falsely claiming that the memory belongs to them to pay all these frauds monthly raw/cbi salaries without spending any money on domains, duping domain registries, registrars and ICANN in the process in a case of government fraud
The memory robbery and copy pasting fraud exposes the lack of humanity and honesty in the indian government which is responsible for many of the problems faced in India at present