LIAR Indian government FALSELY CLAIMING that private citizen, goa 1989 jee topper has agreed to MEMORY ROBBERY, BROADCAST DUPING countries worldwide

Intelligence agencies, countries and companies worldwide should be aware CRUEL nazi like ROBBER indian government has made the life of harmless single woman engineer a reality show ILLEGALLY without her permission, without a court order

usually when a person is featured in big boss or any other reality show, where contestants lose their privacy, the contestants are paid for signing up also Rs 6 lakh or more weekly, only their physical activities are monitored, their thoughts remain private
Though raw/cbi/ntro/indian security agencies are FALSELY CLAIMING that the harmless single woman engineer, the 1989 goa jee topper, whose life the LIAR indian government has made a reality show has agreed to it, in reality the indian government has made her life a reality show ILLEGALLY without a court order, or legally valid reason, denying her the right to privacy for the last ten years

The intelligence agencies worldwide should be also aware that the harmless single woman engineer is also subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses without a legally valid reason for the last ten years, and is REPEATING THE LIES of the SOCIOPATH LIAR NTRO employees who falsely claim that she has agreed to it, when it can be legally proved that they have never contacted the engineer in their life or communicated with her

if any governments, intelligence and security agencies in the world has the humanity they should ask the ROBBER LIAR indian government when its ROBBER LIAR employees ever contacted the 1989 jee topper to take her permission for MEMORY ROBBERY and broadcasting the ROBBED MEMORY WORLDWIDE or a copy of the court order

When nazi committed atrocities on jews, it attracted outrage worldwide, it is time, that countries worldwide are aware that in 2019, the indian government is beating the nazis with its RUTHLESS ROBBERY of harmless single woman, without a legally valid reason