Haryana, indian government, R&AW making up FAKE STORIES about LIAR karnal fraudster mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge in BANKING, ICANN FRAUD

indicating the terrible business conditions in India , Haryana, indian government, R&AW making up FAKE STORIES about karnal fraudster mba hr ruchika kinge in BANKING, ICANN FRAUD since 2010 to get her a monthly raw salary at the expense of the real domain investor
The google, tata sponsored WELL CONNECTED karnal fraudster mba hr ruchika kinge who is working in delhi/noida, is an employee of a american company xero in the hr department, she has no online income, since she is working as a well paid employee
Yet in a massive financial fraud since 2010, the haryana, indian government, R&AW are falsely claiming that the mba hr ruchika kinge , who has no clients outside india, owns the paypal, bank account of a single woman engineer, domain investor, who state government, raw, cbi, ntro, security agencies are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING in the worst possible manner, allegedly bribed by google, tata
The indian, haryana, state governments are repeating the lies of the mhow monster ntro employee puneet who HATES the real domain investor, his btech 1993 ee classmate, so to destroy her life is shamelessly MISUSING her name , falsely claiming to know her well, when he has not contacted her regarding any paypal account or domains anytime in her life
Initially the mhow cheater ntro employee puneet acted very well, that he was helping the domain investor, now in 2020, he is open about his hatred for the domain investor, Yet indicating the inefficiency of raw, ntro, cbi, security agencies and government, they continue to repeat his lies about the mba hr ruchika, while criminally defaming the real domain investor, though the engineer is protesting loudly
The domain investor was terrorised by mhow monster puneet and other SUGAR DADDIES of ruchika into paying her some money in 2011 after which puneet and ruchika’s SUGAR DADDIES robbed the retirement savings of the engineer. After the robbery of the domain investor’s savings, ruchika who had got a raw job by then by impersonating the domain investor, refused to talk to the engineer since her associates had ROBBED everything from the engineer

Yet R&AW, haryana , indian government continues with its great fraud of falsely claiming that the shameless LIAR GREEDY cia stooge R&AW employee mba hr ruchika kinge, with no online income and no domain expenses, owns the paypal, bank account, domains, of the engineer she looted and criminally defamed with the help of google, tata, ntro. The scammer R&AW employee ruchika kinge like other fraud raw/cbi employees faking domain ownership including nayanshree hathwar, naina chandan,sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak caro is least interested in paying any money for the domains, doing work for the customers outside india or hiring anyone to do so, opening her own paypal, bank account legally

Only the real domain investor will own the domains and control them, yet the indian, haryana government, raw continues with its domain ownership fraud. The real domain investor, a private citizen is spending Rs 4 lakh annually for domain renewals and other expenses, yet the indian and state governments, raw, cbi, ntro, security agencies continue to CRIMINALLY DEFAME the engineer, and make fake claims about domain ownership in ICANN, FINANCIAL fraud for the last 10 years, and are also diverting the correspondence of the engineer, making it difficult to contact anyone.

Bank details, income tax returns will LEGALLY expose the government, ntro, raw, cbi security agency banking, icann fraud . When raw/cbi employees do not want to pay Rs 4 lakh annually for domains, why is the indian government, raw, cbi, ntro making fake claims of domain ownership, criminally defaming the real domain investor who is working 8-10 hours daily only to pay the domain renewalfees.