Doctors are paid well for their advice, indian government allows its well paid ROBBER employees to RUTHLESSLY ROB single woman engineer for TEN YEARS without any legal reason

single women domain investors are like other investors, professionals who have invested a lot of time and money to gain expertise in domain names, each domain renewal is costing the woman domain investor Rs 1000 annually.
all other professionals like doctors are paid Rs 600-1000 for a single consultation. On the single women domain investors like the domain investor owning this website have their MEMORY ROBBED by well paid ROBBER ntro employees without a legally valid reason for the last ten years,.

indicating the complete lack of controls or regulation in ntro to prevent abuse of power, misuse of equipment Million dollar brainwave reading equipment MISUSED for TRADE SECRET ROBBERY for ten years by ROBBER LIAR ntro employees led by j srinivasan, mhow cheater puneet to increase google, tata profit so that these companies did not have to pay business expenses, salaries to the single woman engineer and also avoiding paying for the sex, money bribes their stooges in raw/cbi like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, indore robber deepika offered to top government employees
R&AW/cbi are also aware that its lazy greedy LIAR employees like 2005 bbm bengaluru brahmin CHEATER housewife nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, naina chandan are only cooking, housekeeping, they are not doing any computer work, yet R&AW/cbi are openly involved in a massive BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD falsely claiming that their lazy fraud employees, with no paypal income, own the paypal, bank account of domain investor
There are millions of domains expiring every year, ntro, google, tata are least interested in registering the domains paying the registration and renewal fees to domain registrar, registry from their MILLION DOLLAR PROFITS then only BRIBE the RUTHLESS ROBBER NTRO employees with SEX, MONEY to ROB the memory, trade secrets of a harmless single woman engineer for ten years without a legally valid reason who has less than 500 domains
there are many male domain investors in india with more than 500 domains in india, the RUTHLESS ROBBER ntro employees are only targetting single woman domain investors because they enjoy free LIFETIME SEX with google, tata supplied goan call girls sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar
The single woman engineer had a much better 1989 jee rank than the google ceo sundar pichai, yet due to the ROBBERY by the animal like sex maniac ntro employees led by j srinivasan, her income is less than $300 monthly , while sundar pichai makes millions of dollars in salaries, bonus, using the ROBBED MEMORY of the single woman engineer, donated to google by the robber ntro employees
Additionally the domain investor is denied her fundamental rights like the right to privacy and right to a life of dignity when the robber ntro, security agency employees rob her memory illegally and broadcast it worldwide. Big boss contestants are paid Rs 6 lakh weekly for loss of privacy. The domain investor is asking the state and indian government repeatedly to get a court order , yet the ROBBER indian government refuses to do so