In panaji, goa, only older single women are threatened with arrest, for keeping plant pots on terrace, families face no problem

Indicating the terrible conditions in panaji, goa for investors, specifically single older women, some local politicians, officials and high status frauds are threatening to get a single woman arrested only for keeping some dried plant pots on the terrace
The local politician has already got the water supply to the home cut off, so most of the plants have dried
There are many people in the area, who are keeping pots on their balcony and terrace, yet indicating the viciousness of the local politicians and officials, only the single older woman, with no one to help or defend her, is targetted for harassment for keeping some dried plant pots on the terrace of her mailing address
The local politicians and officials did not have any objections when the single woman was keeping pots in her house terrace since 2014-15, if they did she would have not kept the pots. only in 2020 a local panaji politician has started harassing the single woman, falsely claiming that the dried pots are causing death to people in the locality.
Removing the pots is taking time due to the government online, writing, financial fraud, yet the politicians. officials continue to harass the single woman threatening arrest, indicating the worsening condition of women in panaji, goa. When all other families can keep pots with plants in their balcony, terrace, why is the single woman only targetted in panaji,

ex-MP Mohan Delkar’s death indicates that discrimination is worsening in indian society

“injustice, insult, partiality” cited by ex-MP Mohan Delkar are rampant in India indicating the widespread rot in indian society, government
The indian mainstream media has not covered the death of seven time MP Mohan Delkar allegedly by suicide extensively, though it is a serious issue. Yet some of the reasons due to which he allegedly committed suicide are faced by a large number of indian citizens especially the domain investor
According to media reports
Delkar in his suicide note had written that “injustice, insult, partiality” were conducted with him by some politicians and administrative officials

The indian security, intelligence agencies are complaining about the content of the website, they refuse to acknowledge that “injustice, insult, partiality” is forcing the real domain investor to protest online, alert people, companies and countries that the well paid greedy government employees in India are LIARS, who should not be trusted at all.
Income tax returns will LEGALLY PROVE that google, tata sponsored slim lazy greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan (like other google,tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees) has no paypal, online income at all, yet google, tata PIMPS marketing the panaji call girl to ntro, raw, cbi employees who are TRADING SEX for power are so powerful that the goa, maharashtra government refuses to check the income tax returns of the goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, and other fraud raw/cbi employees like greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel.

Mohan Delkar was from the scheduled tribe community and people from poorer communities like the domain investor are likely to face more CHEATING, EXPLOITATION, from greedy fraud goan, brahmin, bania, gujju and sindhi officials, who are stealing all the data and making fake claims about panaji’s top shameless sindhi scammer schooldropout housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, who is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked xerox shop owning husband, yet is MAKING fake claims to get monthly government salary and is supported by google, tata, in her endless frauds.

In India, a MP is considered very powerful, yet Mohan Delkar could not get any justice, so the plight of other indian citizens like the domain investor who are CHEATED, EXPLOITED, insulted and discriminated by greedy government employees should be considered.

The domain investor is also facing “injustice, insult, partiality” so she is offering free help to any indian citizen facing these problems, please contact on