In panaji, goa, only older single women are threatened with arrest, for keeping plant pots on terrace, families face no problem

Indicating the terrible conditions in panaji, goa for investors, specifically single older women, some local politicians, officials and high status frauds are threatening to get a single woman arrested only for keeping some dried plant pots on the terrace
The local politician has already got the water supply to the home cut off, so most of the plants have dried
There are many people in the area, who are keeping pots on their balcony and terrace, yet indicating the viciousness of the local politicians and officials, only the single older woman, with no one to help or defend her, is targetted for harassment for keeping some dried plant pots on the terrace of her mailing address
The local politicians and officials did not have any objections when the single woman was keeping pots in her house terrace since 2014-15, if they did she would have not kept the pots. only in 2020 a local panaji politician has started harassing the single woman, falsely claiming that the dried pots are causing death to people in the locality.
Removing the pots is taking time due to the government online, writing, financial fraud, yet the politicians. officials continue to harass the single woman threatening arrest, indicating the worsening condition of women in panaji, goa. When all other families can keep pots with plants in their balcony, terrace, why is the single woman only targetted in panaji,