Lasagna in a Fraction of the Time

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I’ve been enjoying my new Instant Pot. I got it as a birthday gift from my parents because I would always tell them about how I don’t have enough time to cook. They didn’t want me going to fast food restaurants all of the time and putting on a lot of weight. I’ve seen a lot of recipes that could be made, but I didn’t think Instant Pot lasagna was one of them. That is, until I saw a video of someone making it. I had to try it out for myself, so on my next trip to the grocery store, I bought some ingredients to make lasagna.

I put all of the ingredients into the pot and close the lid.

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I Was Hurting After My Party

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The last place I expected to be after my birthday party was at the office of a chiropractor in Peoria. Okay, technically it was not right after my birthday party, but rather two days later. That is because I tried to take the pain for that long, thinking that it was going to get better and go away. My husband threw a pool party for me, and someone jokingly threw me in the pool. I was not expecting it though, and I hit my back against the side of the pool. It really was a freak accident that should not have hurt me at all.

We have all thrown each other in the pool from time to time, and no one has ever gotten hurt from it. We don’t take stupid risks when we do this, but this time we all learned a lesson, that it is a risk every single time. I was able to enjoy the rest of the party, but I think the few drinks that I had may have had something to do with my ability to take the pain. Continue reading “I Was Hurting After My Party”

My Old Car is a Total Loss

I suppose in some ways I sort of came out ahead, although it is sort of hard to feel good about it in the totality. I have two cars and the one I was driving was on it’s last legs. It had started to smoke in a most unfortunate way. I assumed the heads were gone and was going to park it forever when I got home. It was not worth fixing. Of course aside from buying my car that other driver sent me to a chiropractor in San Jose and to a bunch of doctors. The other guy did not stick around to let me yell at him any way and no one has yet proven who it was. Of course I got a somewhat decent look at him and I am reasonably sure that he is the boyfriend of the girl who owned the car. Continue reading “My Old Car is a Total Loss”

I Am Happier in an Apartment

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I was not sure what I was going to do. My landlord told me just the other day that I am not going to be able to renew my lease. I want to be angry over that but it is probably a blessing because we don’t really get along. He has been raising the rent almost every year for the last four years, and it was just getting to be where I could not afford it. I decided to look at luxury apartments for Jackson MS before I looked at any rental houses for a number of reasons.

The main reason is because I did not want to get into the same situation again. When I rented the house several years ago, I was dealing with his father, who is a lovely person. He gave control to his son though, and that is when things started changing for me. I did not want to live somewhere where the person in charge could just quote any price and I had to accept it or move.

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Solving the Problem of Not Enough Maintenance Employees

I work for a fairly large apartment complex in the maintenance department. For some reason we have a lot of turnover with employees. They just don’t seem to work very hard as this is a rigorous job that demands a full day of work often with overtime. With the low number of the maintenance staff, we just can’t seem to get to everything that needs to be done. We have to prioritize service calls and often do not have time for the landscaping part of the job. Hiring a Nassau County tree pruning company would most certainly lighten the burden that we carry around every day.

I mentioned this to my immediate supervisor and he completely agreed with me.

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The Open Road is a Fun One

When I was a baby my parents would take me for a ride to get me to sleep. For many years when I was driving I used to get so tired on long distance trips and I could not think of why, then I realized that the moving of the car was soothing to me. It must have happened to me when I was a baby and my parents used to take me on trips. I looked to United truck driving school so that I could see if they could help me break the driving habits so I could stay awake at the wheel. I wanted to learn how to drive a large truck because I know that they make really good money, I have a friend that leaves his family for five days per week and they only have one income. The fact that they only have one income and more cash to spend than I do tells me that they must be doing pretty well.

I like to see things and meet new people and I think that by driving a tractor trailer, that it would be a perfect blend of the two. I want to be able to just get in my truck in the morning and drive so that I could feel the wind in my hair with the windows down, out on the open road. I know that it is very dangerous to drive such a large truck in a lot of traffic, but it would be good for me to get used to driving during the day as I would be home at night, or I would pull my truck over to the side and I would be able to sleep for a few hours. I know it won’t be easy but I cannot wait to start my new career.