Shocked at government SLAVERY,financial fraud investors exit indian internet companies

피망 고스톱 머니상

Allegedly shocked at the extent of financial fraud, government SLAVERY in the indian internet sector, Warren Buffet exits Paytm at a loss like other investors exiting indian internet companies which reward CHEATERS, FRAUDS like indore fraud housewife raw employee deepika/veena who looks like actress deepika padukone and panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan who do not pay expenses like their cheater boyfriends from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay yet get monthly government salaries for making fake claims due to the government policy of rewarding cybercrime and financial fraud,
One of the most shocking aspects of the indian tech , internet sector is the brutality of the financial fraud, government SLAVERY on some harmless online workers, investors with the indian government agencies criminally defaming the online workers, robbing their data and then making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees like panaji goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, gurugram cheater mba ruchita kinge, indore cheater deepika/veena who do not pay expenses, do not do any computer work
The indian tech and internet companies show their lack of corporate ethics, completely ignore the fundamental rights of online workers , investors, especially the right to equality, when they rob data and make fake claims about the well paid raw/cbi employees who do not spend time doing computer work yet great powers using stolen data obtained with wireless memory robbery equipment.
For more than 13 years, these companies have been extremely ruthless in stalking and harassing the domain investor trying to force her to agree to resume robbery, and causing great financial losses to her. So the domain investor who alone is doing computer work, is complaining on forums, hoping to get justice. While the indian government agencies, tech and internet companies are extremely shameless and ruthless in their financial fraud, government slavery, refuse to admit that it is not correct, investors from other countries are also monitoring what the domain investor is posting to find out the real conditions.
Though the government agencies allegedly tried to ensure that the domain investor did not go to goa, denying the boarding pass, the domain investor reached goa using other methods, since the return ticket was booked and she had urgent work. During the trip she did not use any laptop or desktop and the computer work fraud was exposed. Allegedly shocked at the extent of financial fraud, government SLAVERY in the indian internet sector, Warren Buffet exits Paytm at a loss according to media reports.
It appears that other indian internet companies are also threatened by their investors to end their resume robbery racket, and though the domain investor was again subjected to memory ROBBERY, causing insomnia again, another major internet company updated the contact details of the domain investor