No one questions security agencies for harassing, cheating exploiting indian paypal account holders

Indian tech and internet companies responsible for hounding paypal account holders working at home
After analyzing the income, activities of caretakers, maidservants, stock traders working at home, it is clear that most indian paypal account holders are making very less money, especially if their hardware and other expenses are considered. Yet all their activities are very closely monitored by the intelligence and security agencies, who abuse their powers to falsely label them a security threat for making very less money.
The only reason why paypal account holders face more harassment than maidservants and others is that the officials and internet, tech, companies involved are extremely aggressive, greedy in harassing, CHEATING, EXPLOITING, criminally defaming them, denying them a life of dignity, in other sectors, large companies and officials are more generous towards those who make less money.
Also no one questions security agencies, officials, for harassing, cheating exploiting indian paypal account holders when they make very less money, why their internet connection is blocked, hardware hacked.