The Open Road is a Fun One

When I was a baby my parents would take me for a ride to get me to sleep. For many years when I was driving I used to get so tired on long distance trips and I could not think of why, then I realized that the moving of the car was soothing to me. It must have happened to me when I was a baby and my parents used to take me on trips. I looked to United truck driving school so that I could see if they could help me break the driving habits so I could stay awake at the wheel. I wanted to learn how to drive a large truck because I know that they make really good money, I have a friend that leaves his family for five days per week and they only have one income. The fact that they only have one income and more cash to spend than I do tells me that they must be doing pretty well.

I like to see things and meet new people and I think that by driving a tractor trailer, that it would be a perfect blend of the two. I want to be able to just get in my truck in the morning and drive so that I could feel the wind in my hair with the windows down, out on the open road. I know that it is very dangerous to drive such a large truck in a lot of traffic, but it would be good for me to get used to driving during the day as I would be home at night, or I would pull my truck over to the side and I would be able to sleep for a few hours. I know it won’t be easy but I cannot wait to start my new career.