Discrimination for internet access in India

Foreign businesses have rated indian government employees as being the worst in south asia for getting their work done. This is particularly true in the indian internet sector, where citizens have to pay a lot of money as taxes, yet the government employees who getting a monthly salary, pension, from the taxes paid, will behave as if they are doing a very great favor allowing the person to use the internet, make any money online

For example the shivalli brahmin fraud government employees want their lazy greedy relative nayanshree hathwar, who is not doing any work, not investing any money online, to get credit and a monthly government salary , just for allowing a single woman bhandari engineer to work online, use the internet. similarly the goan gsb, bhandari frauds also want their relatives, friends or other bribe givers like sunaina, riddhi, siddhi to get credit, a salary without spending any time, without investing any money.

These shivalli brahmin government employees like hathwar, kodancha are getting a monthly salary, pension paid with indian tax payer money , so officially and legally they should be treating all indian citizens the same , however in a clear case of discrimination, abuse of power,m they are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud relative nayanshree or goan bhandari sex worker sunaina , who is not doing any work online spending her time, is doing the work, to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the engineer who is working like a slave