Mobile phone tracking for human rights abuses, limits phone usage for google competitor

Bribed by google, tata, ntro employees are only tracking the mobile phone of the google competitor without a legally valid reason and using it for human rights abuses, so the google competitor, engineer is forced to limit its usage, a clear case of discrimination

In a clear indication of how technology is being used to cause human rights abuses in panaji, goa, the domain investor, google competitor, engineer and identity theft victim, the mobile phone is used for tracking her location and causing insomnia, increasing memory levels
The mobile phone was switched off at around 8.30 pm and now it is difficult to sleep for more than 4 hours later,
Like in August , 2012, when the ntro employees stole the savings of the engineer illegally, after increasing radiation levels to cause memory loss, again in August 2018, the radiation levels have increased a lot in panaji, goa, causing pain and memory loss.
To avoid being tortured by ntro employees, the domain investor is forced to keep her mobile phone switched off for many hours